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About AskGriff

AskGriff.com started back in 1999 by my students in response to my being the “go-to guy” for tech questions around campus. I was a new teacher doing technology (Photoshop, web design, 3D Graphics, animation, programming, etc.) way back then, and any time anybody had a question about technology it became “Ask Griff”. I jokingly registered AskGriff.com in parody of AskJeeves and set it up as my classroom home page. After a brief legal kerfuffle (that’s a Judge Judy word) with the AskJeeves lawyers, I was allowed to keep AskGriff.com. Since then it has remained my home base and AskGriff has become my username in virtually every online platform. If you have any questions about me, the site, any services I can provide, etc., feel free to ask. (View a 2001 snapshot of the page over on Archive.org.)